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Mobile Marketing

Our mobile marketing helps clients – Telcos and Brands, unleash the power of monetization while safeguarding customer user experience.

Our Marketing initiatives generate very decent response rates and supports a broad range of promotional tools, including trivia, narrative, and games.

Our real strength is in the invaluable insights obtained from millions of interactions since we actively focus on engaging customers thereby maximizing the initiatives monetization impact.

We also manage each promotion from start to finish, dedicating specialized resources to areas as diverse as connectivity, campaign management, finance and reporting.


Mobile VAS

In a broad sense, MindRay provides end-to-end Mobile VAS such as:

1. SMS, USSD, IVR, and OBD Based Subscription Services
From entertainment, breaking news alerts to sports updates, and lifestyle tips we deliver value to end-users in partnership with the very best content providers.

2. Digital Services – Portals
We have a gigantic collection of a local and international pool of portals for games, music, comedy and lots more – Our games are usually in JAVA/HTML5 format ranging from racing, action-packed games to arcade, adventure, sports, board games and lots more.

3. Call Ring Back Tone & Music Streaming
Our CRBT for both individuals and corporates is always updated with the recent and historical for older audiences. The Genre ranges from Pop, Jazz, and Gospel to Country, Highlife and reggae.

Content Aggregation & Campaign Management

No matter the content you choose, we have a set of in-house and external copywriters available to coin and sweat till we meet client expectation. Additionally, Content is tailored to suit different local markets and the platform’s very intuitive mechanisms help determine the performances of these services and the preferences within the various markets.

Local Presentation & Advisory Service

For many Non-African businesses, the market entry and market development in foreign countries is a considerable undertaking. Furthermore, market, country and language knowledge are often limited, as well as personnel and financial resources. To overcome these barriers, a local business representation could be a convenient solution.

Our business representation service offers a contact point for potential customers and business partners in the technology space planning to expand into West Africa. The service allows these clients to build up closer relations with customers and to improve sales opportunities before a final decision on full representation in the chosen country. We will act as a bridge between the client, local business partner, government agencies etc.

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